Women Empowering Women (WEW) Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower women. Founded in 2021, WEW is a resource center – a nurturing environment where all women can feel safe and supported. It’s an entry point to a brighter future. Our team warmly welcomes each individual and works closely with them to help identify a pathway for healing and developing healthy self-esteem to enhance all areas of their lives. Through practical skills-based education and professional counseling and support, we offer hands-on experience guided by knowledgeable and inspirational speakers, mentors and community partners.

What We Do

We start the process by providing a warm welcome and a safe haven so the healing can begin.   A WEW case manager listens to each person’s individual needs.  We then tap into our integrated network of local resources to make the connection to trusted counselors, mentors and community partners who can help guide and support each woman in her healing journey. 

  • Confidential assessments
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Support groups
  • Programming & events
  • Educational resources

The Eight Pillars of an Empowered Foundation

Through programs, events, workshops, mentoring and counseling, we strive to guide women through the eight pillars of empowerment.  With a strong foundation of these pillars, individuals can bring strength, stability and a sense of well-being into their lives.

Self Confidence

Gaining a new level of self-esteem by understanding your needs with the help of our counseling based program.

Behavioral Health

Realizing mental/emotional wellness and its relationship to self-empowerment.

Family & Friends

Forming and sustaining healthy relationships with yourself, family and friends.


Focusing on the power of knowledge through the benefits of higher education.


Discovering your life’s purpose, interests and skills through counseling and programs.

Financial Literacy

Understanding personal financial management, budgeting, savings and investment strategies.

Physical Health and Wellness

Making lasting fitness/nutritional changes and gaining vitality through education and practice.


Enhancing your life and gaining balance through deepening spiritual practice and connection.

How We Work

Begin Your Journey

Welcome. We look forward to being part of your empowered new self.

Connecting to a Team

An integrated team of allied professionals provides guidance through programs, events and counseling. Empowerment coaches offer support, direction and encouragement.

Meet Your Case Manager

Women enter our community through our Case Manager, who assesses each individual’s needs and then assigns an appropriate mentor.

Mentors Lead the Way

Mentors assist in navigating WEW Institute’s programs and serve as a liaison to a network of allied professionals and empowerment coaches.

Become Part of the Community

This is where the real magic happens!  As each woman gains a more empowered outlook, they have the opportunity to become an Empowerment Coach for others.

Our Team

Robert Curry


Robert Curry has more than 41 years of personal and professional experience working with behavioral issues, substance abuse and addictions of all types. After 22 years of working for the Rockefeller Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, he left the corporate world and started Turning Point for Leaders, an executive intervention, coaching and consulting organization focused on addressing dysfunctions and addictions of all types. 

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Karen Nisenson

Executive Director

Karen Nisenson has been in the field of Creative Arts Therapy for 35 years as both a Teacher and a Therapist. Her training as a classical pianist and education in music and arts has given Karen the creative freedom and flexibility to help special needs individuals discover their potential for self expression, self awareness and personal growth.

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Ann C. Fisher, M.Ed

Program Director

Ann has been in the education field for over 20 years. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Ann spent 16 years in New Canaan, CT Public Schools as a Special Education teacher for grades K-7.  Currently, she is Head Teacher Pre-K Classroom at First Presbyterian Nursery School, New Canaan. In this position, Ann applies Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards to navigate instruction, creates visual schedules for students, collects and analyzes data to drive instruction, as well as a number of other educational initiatives.

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Our Board of Directors

Robert Curry


Karen Nisenson

President of the Board and Executive Director

Ann C. Fisher

Program Coordinator

Joyce Sixsmith


Juliana McKenna


Alyson Redner

Grant Writer

Wendy Fog

Cheryl Manley

Jen Marrs


Frederick Afragola

Richard Connors

Robert Doran

BJ Flagg

Lance Minor

Neil Rattan

Stacy Thompson