Past Event: Creating Cohesive Community – A Positive Way Forward for Families of Children with Special Needs

Join Women Empowering Women institute and New Canaan Library for an interactive Panel Discussion.
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Spirituality: Walking Meditations

Meditations can be a practice that can deepen with your continual participation and the awards are endless. In this post we are focusing on some common meditations which can be
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Self Confidence: Why Women Worry

Both men and women lack self confidence. However, it is a fact that women face more self confidence issues than men and it is easier to identify signs of low
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Financial Literacy: What You Need to Know

Women Empowering Women Institute has designed a Financial Literacy Program to help women establish themselves after a difficult transition or personal crisis that has affected their lives
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Health & Wellness: Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a great form of mental and physical exercise. It helps improve mental focus and concentration. You will focus better on the day by clearing your mind. It also
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