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Self Confidence: Why Women Worry

Both men and women lack self confidence. However, it is a fact that women face more self confidence issues than men and it is easier to identify signs of low self esteem in a woman than a man because in general, men are more confident. Plus, it has been shown that women are innately wired to worry more than men and then add societal norms on top of that.

Why Is That?

There are biological differences, including hormonal cycles that cause changes which affect self confidence in a very big way. Not to mention the environment and upbringing. Hormones can lead women to have an unbalanced view of how they feel about themselves and their abilities. Low self confidence can negatively affect all aspects of life including relationships, work, and school. It can also impact your mental and physical health. According to Dr.Louann Brizendine, a neuropsychiatrist at the University of California, “Women are far too judgemental. They tend to worry more about everything. From ‘Am I being a good mommy?’ to ‘Will the chicken casserole taste good?’, it goes on. This is because the worry center of the human brain is bigger in women!”

So, What Should I Do?

Give yourself a break. And here are a few suggestions to try and kick the low self confidence:
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Avoid comparisons to other
  • Avoid social media that can lead to negative thoughts
  • Remind yourself it is okay to make mistakes
  • Try to sleep well, eat a balanced diet, participate in physical activity
  • Spend time with people who feel positive to be around
  • Practice being assertive, which may mean saying “yes” or “no” to others to set boundaries
  • Choose activities that are fun and enjoyable
  • Learn a new skill, meet different people, or try a new experience
And if you are still feeling concerned, reach out to a healthcare professional.