We offer a wide variety of programs, events, workshops and counseling to guide women along their journey towards empowerment.

Group Programs

Our group programs are led by a team of health professionals. They encompass and cover all aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Our professional instructors teach mind/body wellness, nutrition, finance, and career development. They provide effective tools to assist women in achieving their goals.


Our workshops provide a hands-on experience working alongside professionals in their respective fields to help support physical, social, and emotional needs and issues.


For those participating in the counseling process the cornerstone of their time is focused on working one-on-one to identify, understand and address your issues and needs.


Women have access to the full range of WEW Counselors and Professional Staff, as well as the best outside resources to address many aspects of your life.

Our Mentorship Program

This Program is structured as an ongoing relationship with an experienced mentor. The goal is to reinforce skills and keep individuals on track as they begin their new journey.

Our Collaborations with Allied Professionals

At Women Empowering Women Institute we have built and continue to strengthen our relationships with allied professionals. Their primary responsibilities include working across the entire spectrum to support and educate women. These trusted professionals guide individuals through programs, events and counseling. Along their journey, they will gain a new perspective to help promote a healthy lifestyle and provide the best hands-on instruction and guidance, so that women have the support they need, including physical, psychological, behavioral and social to continue along their journey of empowerment.