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Spirituality: Walking Meditations

Meditations can be a practice that can deepen with your continual participation and the awards are endless. In this post we are focusing on some common meditations which can be done right outside your door.

A Focus Word

Choose a word for the day before you go out that could be from your morning journalling or has been on your heart. Then jot it down and tuck it in your pocket as you go out the door. As you walk, focus on the word and let your mind wonder with intentionally bringing yourself back to the word. Think of the impact of the word on your walk and how you expanded your thoughts as you walked. Journalling after the walk is also advantage so you can capture your thoughts before that drift away.

A Seasonal Meditation

In many areas of our country your walking routine will be walking through many climate changes. Though we are not all like the North with all four seasons, we do experience a number of seasons for a varied seasonal meditation. As you step out for your walk, prepare to be aware of the nature around you. Look at all the foliage, the animals, the sights in general. What do you see that has changed? Take a moment to observe and take it all in. Pick up a leaf and see the detail and bring that back with you. Later when you journal, look again at the leaf and study its detail. This hyperawareness blocks out the world around you and lets you to see details that you would not normally catch.

A Rhythmic Meditative Walk

When you begin your meditative walk, walk with the awareness of your breath and your steps. You want to just focus on these and clear your mind. If your mind wanders, slow your gait and refocus on your breath. You will notice you will get into a rhythm and enjoy the contemplative time. Enjoy!